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We offer full service technical support world wide. One of our experienced qualified engineers can check that your production equipment parameters are correct and fully optimised then where necessary adjust these values. This is an essential procedure to ensure full life expectancy and reliable operation of production equipment.


We also provided service support for:

· Initial Concept Development

· Magnetron Replacement

· Generator Service Checks

· Waveguide Replacement

· Circulator Repair

· Spare Parts

· Machine Refurbishment


We have expanded our standard servicing facilities to include the supply of high power magnetrons, where customers can benefit from discounted OEM prices.

Further to our service extension we can provide corrective solutions to improve reliability and performance of equipment from other suppliers in particular we are now supporting American suppliers for tempering machines from Amtek, FCI, AMANA, Micro Dry, as well as Cimdor and many other manufacturers.

For more information regarding a service please contact either by:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1908 220056 or E-mail

Services and Technical Support