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Research Lab Equipment

We offer work in conjunction with Universities and Research Organizations developing bespoke test equipment to provide solutions for new technologies as well as development for improving world environmental issues.

Research and bespoke equipment can be designed and supplied to suit any microwave power requirements demanded of a process.

We can test initial suitability of products in our laboratory test unit at Industrial Microwave Systems.


Testing Plasma Generation

Peanut Drying

Bowling Ball material Curing


Research ovens are first step machines, these are modified domestic microwave ovens that may be fitted with the following options:

· Fully variable power control from 0-100% power output

· Manual or Process control Timer

· Remote Computer interface control

· Infra red pyrometer, measuring product temperature

Further options of side chokes allowing glass or plastic tubes to pass through the active heating zone for simulation of continuous flow of product, solids, slurry or liquids.

Combinations of Hot air and Microwave models are also available.


MHO/500/10kW Multi Mode Oven

With a larger oven size the MHO500 series can be supplied with the following:

· Turntable with variable speed

· Batch or through Conveyor operation

· Combination of microwave and hot air

· Steam injection port

· Spiral heating section

· Continuous sterilization of heating of liquids

· Infra red pyrometer

· Controller for process control

GUO/020/VP/IR 2kW Microwave Power Supply

Equipment comprises of a microwave power supply and Remote Head with full variable power output from 0 to 100%, 0-2000 Watts. A self-diagnostic panel is fitted for status and failure indication.

Magnetron is protected from reflected power by monitoring through a waveguide coupler and displaying reflected power via a meter on the front of the Control unit. There is an alarm contact within the meter with adjustable trip set point. This protection trip is set at 10% full power = 200 Watts, whereby when operated the power is switched off.

The Head unit is Air Cooled and so does not require a water supply.

There are 2 options for power control, manual from the control pot on the Control panel or Auto from a remote control using 0-5 volt signal.

MHO/600/6kW Microwave Oven

This MHO600 oven was installed inside a ISO shipping container for mobile use.

The equipment comprises of 3x 2kW microwave power supplies with full variable power control from 0 to 100%, 0-2000 Watts each power supply.

Power may be controlled either manually, automatically using PIR sensors or Remotely from a PC.