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Industrial Microwave Systems supply a wide range of magnetrons. Magnetrons are a low-cost, efficient cross-field microwave oscillator used for the generation of continuous-wave (CW) signals.

S-band (2450 MHz) and L-band (915/896 MHz) CW magnetrons are typically used in industrial drying and heating applications requiring CW microwave energy.

Industrial Microwave Systems offer direct replacements for most typical configurations, ranging in power up to 3 kW @ 2450 MHz and up to 120 kW @ 896/915/922 MHz.

These replacement magnetrons will operate in systems from most Original Equipment Manufacturers where customers can benefit from discounted OEM prices including refurbished high power magnetrons.

Our engineering staff can assist you in selecting the magnetron that best meets your system's specific requirements.

2450 MHz Air Cooled

2450 MHz Water Cooled

896/915 MHz

Water Cooled