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Food Applications

Microwave heating has vast applications in the field of food processing such as cooking, defrosting, drying, pasteurisation and preservation of food materials.

Below are just a few examples of the applications and machines Industrial Microwave Systems have designed and built for our various food processing customers.

Tempering Oven for Chicken Meat

Machine type MHO/1000/75kW

Tempering of diced chicken meat blocks from -18ºC to -3ºC

Equipment also suitable for Beef, Pork fillet, Fish fillets, Fruit and Butter blocks.

Tempering times for 25kg blocks maximum 100mm high is approxamatly 6 minutes allowing for loading and unloading, 4 blocks of meat placed on a euro pallet, 24 blocks per hour tempering from -18ºC to -3ºC

Therefore 100kg (2200lbs) every 6 minutes with four blocks in each load.

1000 kg (2200 lbs) per hour - In an 8 hour shift 8000kg (17600lbs)

This 75kW batch oven at 896/915MHz adequately meets these requirements.

Recovery of Confectionary Products

Within the confectionery industry, waste product is generated during the normal manufacturing process from edge trimmings, extruded anomalies, line start up/run down as well as unforeseen stoppages and breakdowns. This waste is either dumped, or sold off at low value as animal feed.

Disposal costs often negate any financial gain received from the sale of the unused product.

Some products are collected in containers and stored for later use which takes up valuable factory space, the product then suffers from ageing, contamination and drying out with increased storage time.

Recent installations into the confectionery industry have proven to be an invaluable tool for the reworking of products.

Our equipment is manufactured in food quality stainless steel and is hygienically designed to modern standards.

The system is operator friendly with full automation from push button control. A typical Industrial Microwave System can heat 30 kg batches of various confectionery products in standard plastic containers up to 55 - 60°C within 8 minutes. This softens the product enough to allow it to be remixed back into the inlet feed of the main production line.

Machine type MHO/900/4.5kW

· Single door oven

· Infra red pyrometer control

· Food Standard Quality

· Confectionary

· Reworking

Power Output Options: 1kW to 100kW

Cooking and Pasteurisation

Machine type MHP/1Mx22M/75kW

Microwave pressure vessel for cooking and pasteurising of meat in sealed containers.

· Continues batch feed conveyor

· Combination hot air

· Combination cooling

· Computer controlled

· 75 kW Microwave power

Oven dimensions 22 meters long x 1 meter diameter