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Continuous Vulcanization

Industrial Microwave Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of extruded rubber vulcanizing production line machines.

Continuous Vulcanizing Lines comprise off two distinct areas. The microwave preheat section which normally heats up the profile fed from the extruder at around 80˚C up to 180˚C before going into a hot air tunnel section at around 220 to 260 ˚C for a given period of time, this effects a final rapid profile cure. Below we have standard examples of line lengths for various capacities.

We can test the suitability of a given process in our laboratory test unit at Industrial Microwave Systems Ltd.

There are three basic choices to choose when selecting a machine:

The CV lines are enhanced to offer flexibility which allows the customer to choose from production capacity, belt width and profile operating height, this enables them to fit investment into a particular budget.

It will be necessary to make a choice of machine size from the information given below bearing in mind that it is still possible to alter the length of the conveyor tunnels as required, the length of tunnel selected is directly related to the cure time at temperature.


 1. Choose Capacity:

 (subject to extrusion Weight/Meter, Cure time and characteristics of the compound)



100 kg/hr

Hot air tunnel 6M combined with

integral MHEC/2M/4kW microwave section

150-175 kg/hr

Hot air tunnel 1x6M shown with

MHEC/6M/8kW microwave section

200-250 kg/hr

Hot air tunnels 2x6M shown, can be 3x6M with MHEC/6M/12kW microwave section

300-350 kg/hr

Hot air tunnels 3x6M shown with

MHEC/6M/18kW microwave section

and cooling bath

400-450 kg/hr

Hot air tunnels 4x6M shown with MHEC/6M/24kW microwave section

and cooling bath


 2. Choose Belt Width:



Advanced Hot Air system - fitted to each microwave section as standard


MHEC/6M/4 to 24kW Microcure


110mm Wide

250mm Wide


 3. Choose Inlet/Outlet working Height:


50mm Height

110mm Height

Our modern and modular design continuous vulcanization lines cover virtually any production capacity required by the customer

The air stream is high volume, high velocity, high temperature and targeted directly at the product, it then travels longitudinally along the belt surface for maximum efficiency and heat energy transfer.

The air is directed where it is required, and not wasted around empty parts of the tunnel. The tunnel is designed to fit tightly around the product to minimise wasted oven space thereby saving on any lost and inefficient use of energy.

This unit is supplied as a one piece 6 meter length Active Zone to suit the production capacity needs of the customers process.

100mm wide belt, 50 or 110mm working height option on inlet/outlet.


MHAT/6M/4kW VP Microcure


250mm wide belt Option

110mm height inlet/outlet