Industrial Microwave Systems Ltd

Microwave Power Supplies, Ovens and Conveyors

Continuous Conveyors







Industrial Microwave Systems Ltd have adopted a policy of supplying where possible a standard 4 meter modularised unit that can be sized to fit the process by extending together more modules if required. Further each module may be fitted with re-circulating hot air or air extraction to suit the customers process.


Transport Belt Options:

                  · Solid

                  · Open Weave

                  · Interlocking

                  · Chain Positive

                  · Gear Wheel Drive

Belt Materials:

                    · Polypropylene

                    · PTFE

                    · PTFE Coated

                    · Kevlar

                    · Fibreglass

Modular High Power Conveyor Systems


Schematic Layout of a recently installed production plant.

· Modular Cavity and Generator Design

· Single Pass Heating Zone

· Three Pass Drying section

· 5 x 75 kW Microwave generator units


Total installed power including hot air 500 kW

Total plant length 45 Meters



Microwave conveyor 6 meters long.

· Active zone fitted with re-circulating Hot air

· Air extraction

· 6 kW Microwave power



Microwave pressure vessel for cooking and pasteurising of meat in sealed containers.

· Continues batch feed conveyor

· Combination hot air

· Combination cooling

· Computer controlled

· 75 kW Microwave power

Oven dimensions 22 meters long x 1 meter diameter



Microwave tempering indexing conveyor.

· Manual roller feed into entrance of oven indexed conveyor

· Approx 1 Tonne per hour

· Tempering from -18 deg to -3 deg celsius

· 4 x 25 kg meat blocks per Euro pallets

· 75 kW Microwave power




Microwave/Hot air conveyor.

· Drying

· Cooking

· Tempering

· Hot air and air extraction

· 1.75 kW Microwave generators

· Variable belt speed

· Cooling bath