Industrial Microwave Systems Ltd

Microwave Power Supplies, Ovens and Conveyors


Managing Director Bob McKinnon has been in the industry of microwaves for over 45 years, originally starting at Rotax Microwave Systems/Lucas Industries in the early 70’s.

With a wealth of experience gained in the industrial application of microwave energy, Industrial Microwave Systems design and manufacture microwave power supplies, including batch ovens, continuous conveyor ovens and wave guide applicators.

Our equipment is set up using electronic instrumentation to provide optimum performance and efficiency.

We have available test machines to evaluate your product and demonstrate that Microwave processing will produce a suitable product for your requirements.

Recent Developments

In recent years we have been working close with Universities and Research Organizations through EU funded projects, providing novel equipment solutions for environmental issues.

Industrial Microwave Systems is proud to establish being the worlds first developer of a rapid concrete curing method using Solid state microwave power supplies.

To compliment our range of industrial machines we now offer Bacon Cooker/Tempering Machines from Amtek USA


We have also expanded our standard servicing facilities, to include the supply of high power magnetrons, where customers can benefit from discounted OEM prices.

Further to our service extension we also provide corrective solutions to improve reliability and performance of equipment from other suppliers. In particular we now support American suppliers for tempering machines from Amtek, FCI, AMANA, Micro Dry as well as Cimdor and many other manufacturers from around the world.